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Studio Sean Van Echelpoel (SSVE) is a multidisciplinary studio focused on directing visual narratives.
Providing an all-around collaborative methodology to creative services within the range of fashion,
arts, culture, and commerce.

The studio’s vision and practice is driven by a bold artistic sensitivity that navigates within a
contemporary landscape, seeking to embody an equilibrium between complex elegance and
layered serenity.


Video production
Art direction
Graphic design
Branding & Visual identity
Digital & web design
 Black Cod  /  Criaco  /  Eastpak  /  Esaú Yori  /  Everyday Gallery  /   Goldwood  /  Harpers Bazaar France  /  Matteo La Rosa  /  Matthias Geerts partnered together for Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, Nubikk & The Nue co  / Morobé /   Naecre  /  Navarone Cole  /  Sacai  /  Specter bikes  /  Selahatin  /  Unsaid  /  Weekday  /  Voodoo Village  /